Our company’s philosophy is simple but that is also what makes it so powerful:

                                                                                                 „The client is our top priority.”


Since 1989 we have been pursuing our mission unwaveringly, which is to manufacture our own original products and create innovative technical solutions. We look for inspirations, make our ideas come true and inspire others. We have given priority to high quality of our products and services, as well as their unlimited availability.

Aims :

„It is not a great feat to sell a product once. It is a great accomplishment to make the customer return frequently. For that reason the measure of success of our company is satisfaction of our clients.”

History of Marcin Dekor company since 1989.

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How do we design collections:

We are among the few companies from the trade representing a creative approach to the product. We select our range of products with great care while striving to create new visual and functional quality. We have our own design studio working on new patterns and designing new collections. We also have patented inventions, patterns and solutions to our credit. Majority of products included in our offer are individual curtain rods and whole collections designed by us. High-class designers recognize their value. We visualize future products and perform 3D printouts to test them before we commission their production.


At the same time we try to improve our old and well-proven ideas that our clients have grown attached to. In our selection of all window arrangement systems and technical solutions we are guided by the needs of clients and requirements of the market.

Why should you begin cooperating with us ?

We have many years of experience. Our company was established in 1989 as precursors in the trade of window decoration. For over 27 years we have been pursuing our mission, which is to manufacture our own original collections and create innovative technical solutions. Our advantages are: original designs, reasonable prices and unlimited availability. We are a family company and we do not develop our structure by creating dozens of posts for the management board members. That brings us closer to our customers. We try to understand their needs and meet their expectations concerning the product offer and service. So far we have gained the trust of hundreds of clients in Poland and abroad, while our loyal trading partners entered Marcin Dekor-brand outlets programme. We equip our brand shops will all materials necessary for promotion and sale of Marcin Dekor products, such as: patterns, display stands, advertising materials such as pattern books, promotional bags and many other POS materials.



We care for the image and recognisability of our company and cooperate only with the leading publishing houses operating in the interior design sector (such as 4 Kąty, Ambiente, Claudia – Ładnie Mieszkać, Dobre Wnętrze, M jak Mieszkanie, Moje Mieszkanie, Tak Mieszkam ). In these magazines we promote our products and our trading partners from the network of our brand stores.

We guarantee regular supplies to our trading partners. When we planned out the structure of our company we decided to establish a separate central office located close to Warsaw and two warehouses in two strategic cities in Poland: Toruń and Wrocław. Smaller distance and successful strategy of location allow us to visit our outlets and salons in Poland at least once a week and deliver the ordered goods. Yet we also cooperate with shipping companies which are able to deliver urgent orders to you on the next day.

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One of the greatest advantages of cooperation with us is unlimited availability of our products. When we developed our warehouse facilities in 2009 (at present our hay-bay warehouses spread over 4700m2), we selected as a key requirement absolute availability of all the products from the offer, which includes around 3000 items. Due to that feature each order for goods (not including additional services) is performed almost immediately.

We also offer attractive loyalty programs for our loyal business partners.