MS2 system of aluminum rails  with increased strength

System Description:

-The system of bent rails made of extruded aluminum with dimensions of 20 × 20 mm adapted for suspending fabrics of heavy weight, driven manually.

– The perfect solution for all types of bay windows, turrets, windows joined at an angle, ideal for built-ins of cardboard plaster and the slots in suspended ceilings.

– Rails and powder coated parts are in white.

– Quick and easy installation with clicked-in ceiling and wall brackets.

– It is possible to bend the rails punctually or radially.

– We offer several types of sliders including ones with bearings that guarantee smooth and silent movement of the fabric.

– The system allows the use of WAVE tape that lays out the fabric evenly.

– The maximum weight of the suspended fabric is approx. 15 kg for 1 m.

– The rail has the length of 580 cm with the possibility of shortening and making sets of curtain rods for individual order.


Point and radial (continuous curve) bending of MS2 profiles.

This system can be bent punctually at a right angle or other angle in accordance with the requirements of the user, as well as radially, in continuous arc, thereby copying the shape of the windows or walls. There is a possibility of internal and external bending according to the following schemes.



MCKS_gięcie profili

SYSTEM CAPABILITIESMCKS_mozliwości montażowe





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