Metal curtain rod , collection  Ø16 with finial KLON ( ang. maple )

( lenght of finial: 10 cm , antique brass )

– curtain rod is avaliable in single and double version

– instalation on a ceiling is possible by using suitable ceiling bracket,

– possibility to use rail/profile Ø16mm on the second truck .


All elements are avaliable in following colors :


Chrom mat
Chrom mat





Types of tubes / profiles :

Avalaible colors of tubes:

  • SMOOTH metal tube  Ø 16mm – all colors
  • TWIST metal tube  Ø 16mm – antique brass, chrom mat
  • GROOVED metal tube Ø 16mm – antique brass, chrom mat, antique mat
  • PROFILE Ø 16mm – antique brass, chrom mat , stainless steel

Standard lenghts : 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm, 240 cm, 300 cm

Brackets for collection Ø16 :


wspornik_prosty_pojwspornik długi prosty poj.

wspornik prosty poj. uniw. rura-profilwspornik uniwersalny rura-profil 1616mml



Rings :

kolko_z_zabka 16_kolko16_kolko_ciche slizg-agrafkaslizg_zabka_agrafka

Accessories :

zaslepka śr. 19mmłącznik do profilałącznik do rurłącznik katowy do rur

19-przedlozkaprzedłużka www

Additional services : radial bending , point bending, cutting to size



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