OWAL GROMMET – the only grommet of this type on the market, it is original and gives a remarkable effect of effortless perfection and impressive nonchalance in the window decoration. It is made of plastic. It has an adjustable gap, so that the grommet can be applied even to the thickest fabrics. Grommet is sold in shiny black and white and many shades of metallic. It applies to the curtain rails with a diameter of pipes 25mm, 19mm and 16mm. The internal diameter of the hole is 33 mm.

How to mount the grommets correctly to achieve a satisfactory visual effect? What should you pay attention to?

Expert advice:

During the installation of grommets it is good to use tools and accessories such as cutter or burner holes. The order of making the curtains on grommets is mainly sewing. At this stage, the most important part is the stiffener for grommets. Everyone uses the one that seems more suitable to them, I tried various solutions, both the cheapest and the most expensive and the ones I like to work with are canvas stiffeners without glue. There are no problems with sewing and laying out, no issues with air bubbles between the fabric and the stiffener. If we use a stiffener with an adhesive, we have to remember to firmly and thoroughly iron it, and to begin later work with it when the cloth is cool. The stiffeners with adhesive on one side are enough. After stitching comes the time for positioning the holes. The first one should be 5cm from the edge.

An excellent facilitation are Marcin Dekor’s templates which already have suitably spaced holes. Of course, when we base our work on a model we have to do this operation from scratch. After positioning, it is the time to cut. A burner is indispensable here. It speeds up your work and makes it easier, and in addition our service is professional because we offer a product that will not deteriorate after a few washes, which is very important for customers.


Only in the case of fabrics made from natural fibers, this process is practically impossible, you can use it only with polyesters. You can use a punch or a cutter, you can sew polyester to the curtain to place the grommets, but I like it the hard way and start making the holes with the burner and then cut to size with scissors. The fibers are slightly charred next to the opening but what is important – the fabric does not deteriorate.

An additional excellent tool for facilitating drawing the holes in the fabric are guides for grommets, dimensionally adapted to all kinds of grommets offered by Marcin Dekor.






We are left with the final stage which is achieving equal folds – is it difficult?

Equal, repeated folds are a special visual effect, which determines the choice of grommet as a decoration method. However, the mere use of grommets gives us no guarantee of achieving the desired effect. For this purpose you will need connectors for grommets, which automatically arrange the folds of the curtains or drapes. When connecting two parts of the grommets, they are placed on a special stud which is only available only in Marcin Dekor’s grommets. Connectors also have a three-size adjustable width. To obtain smooth, even folds it is necessary to clamp the connector correctly on the grommet. ”

Author: Kamila Ziecina

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