scandi główne mnijsze    Simple forms, functionality, natural materials and the domineering and omnipresent white are the main features of the Scandinavian style. That style brings us closer to nature and introduces harmony and peace to the interiors. That is why the Poles prefer it so particularly. White plays a primary role here. The style is dominated by delicate, natural and pastel colours frequently used to balance the contrasting black and brown additions. Another characteristic feature of the Scandinavian style are big windows letting in light and thus creating the sense of cleanliness and spaciousness.

It would seem that there is no place for curtains or net curtains. Yet properly selected window arrangement may highlight the Scandinavian character of the interior. That style accepts gauzy and simply arranged natural fabrics which harmonize with natural materials such as wood, wicker or stone.

The inherent element of decoration are curtain rods, which should interact with the remaining furnishings. That is why we propose the Black&White and Square Line collections. Black&White collections includes black and white curtain rods (FORMA, MODULO). Particular elements of the curtain rod, such as its finials, rods, brackets or rings may be composed individually –we may create original and contrasting curtain rod systems. Apart from classical rods the collection includes also a system of brackets, which greatly enhance the functionality of the curtain rod as they allow for pushing the curtain net along the whole length of the curtain rod.

Scandi zdjęcie wave Since we have mentioned natural materials and limitless decorative possibilities, we should also mention SQUARE LINE system ( from the top INTERNO, FORI, BOSS) not forgetting especially about several finials belonging to that collection. These innovative and openwork finials called Interno and Fori are equipped with exchangeable fillers. Standard fillers are black and white, yet a creative user may use fillers made of any material such as wood or stone if he puts only a minimal effort. We should also mention the finial BOSS, which may also be filled with any material.

SQUARE LINE collection is available in brushed steel shade, while the latest products are also available in shiny and matt black or shiny white. Elements of SQUARE LINE curtain rods can be freely mixed, while the functionality of the system is increased by the use of sections. Both Black&White and SQUARE LINE collection perfectly harmonize with the Scandinavian style and enjoy growing popularity.

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