SINGLE semi-automatic mechanism for ROMAN BLINDS
Characteristics :
– mechanism for a SINGLE Roman blinds ,

SEMI AUTOMATIC system with the function of automatic fabric falling –in order to lower the fabric you only need to pull the chain delicately, no twisting of the chain is necessary, and the roller-blind will start to fall on its own,

– mechanism equipped with a device maintaining constant falling speed (SPEED CONTROL) and automatic final stopper (AUTOMATIC STOP), which stops the blind when it is fully unrolled. The blind is raised manually with the twisting of the chain.
–control cord available in the following colours: white, brown, grey and transparent with white, grey, beige and brown cords ,
– universal fixing holders allowing for installation of the roller-blind to the wall and to the ceiling; additional non-invasive holders facilitate mounting of the roller-blinds directly on the window frame.

Marcin Dekor’s offer includes also bracket holders for fixation of the roller-blinds:

– round holder for the bracket from the series Ø 16, 19, 25mm,

–rectangle holder for SQUARE LINE system brackets; that variety allows for installation of various types of roller-blinds.
Holders have a special oblong hole , that enables instalation of various types of blinds.


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