System TOP-LINE  with a convertible finial MODERN  , color black shiny


Characteristics of components and assembly options:

Innovative bracket with universal mounting hole gives the possibility of installing additional rails or systems such as SQUARE LINE, MS1 or MS2 rail system or panel system rail.


1- mounting pin

2- bracket Top-Line 21 cm

3- endcup of bracket

4- profil SQUARE LINE


6- profil TOP-LINE

7- upper profile connector

8-central profile connector



Brackets for system TOP-LINE :


bracket lenght 9cm
bracket lenght 15cm
bracket lenght 21cm








Characteristic of the TOP-LINE profile:


TOP-LINE profile with dimensions of 16x80mm is available in the following lengths:

160 , 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 cm

with the possibility of cutting to a requested size.

Mounting channel in the profile allows for precise adjustments of the position of the bracket in relation to the profile in the horizontal plane.

6 mm wide sliding channel is adapted to the most popular slides on the market, along with the possibility of use of the WAVE system and panel wheel sets.


universal angled bracket


The use of the universal angled mounting bracket (4) allows the suspension of fabric blinds or an extreme support for additionally used rail profiles.






1- mounting pin

2- bracket TOP-LINE 21 cm

3- endcup of bracket

4- universal angled bracket

5- angled connector

6- roller shutter system

7- profile TOP-LINE



TOP-LINE system can be mounted to the wall, as well as directly to the ceiling using mounting brackets (2, 5). They also serve as a support for side profile in the closed version of the curtain rail.



1- mounting pin

2- mounting  angled

3- angled connector

4- profil TOP-LINE

5- mounting  angled




Additional service: cutting to size



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