Marcin Dekor Quick Wave SYSTEM Tape is a universal system – that means that it is compatible with many types of curtain rails and slideways.


The system is based on sliders, tape and hangers. It ideally cooperates with SQUARE LINE system. Ease and quickness of the installation as well as unproblematic creation of arches prove that these two systems were made for each other. A great advantage of the system is also the fact that we immediately get nice-looking waves on the fabric during hanging and gathering the system of slings –we do not need to ensure even distance manually or fashion the shape of the our curtains/net curtains.


How does it work?

Sliders/grommets can revolve and that feature makes installation of any curtain/curtain exceptionally efficient. The distance between the sliders is 6cm or 8cm –it allows for automatic and instant creation of ideal waves on the fabric. The slider are pre-assembled and ready for use. The width of the transparent tape (it is supplied with the sliders) is also the standard width used in curtains manufacture, that is 77mm. The pockets are regularly and ideally placed on the tape every 10mm, what makes calculation of the fabric length much easier. Every tenth pocket in the tape is marked –in that way hooks can be mounted faster and more efficiently.



Quick Wave System – example of application of SQUARE LINE system.
We may create an elegant arrangement of a fabric (either curtain or curtain net) hanging on SQUARE LINE curtain rod, as well as very elegant final effect, if we use the Quick Wave system. It is worth noting that all the elements will perform ideally on short segments of straight profiles and arches –which constitute a strong advantage of SQUARE LINE system. Regular waves are achieved on both straight fabric (fig.1) and an arch (fig.2). Interestingly, such effect does not require laborious manual corrections and shaping of the fabric. We can create it by simply pulling the cord with sliders. It is simple and most importantly –very quick and effective.


Calculating the necessary amount of fabric – example
In order to estimate the amount of fabric (without side folds and losses) we need the following data: A –length of the rail or width of the curtain (in cm), B –length of the fold (equal to the number of pockets between the hooks, the pockets are spaced every 1cm). Next we have to check the length of the fabric in cm in the tables provided by us. As the system is repeatable in its design (regular spaces and stable parameters), that manner of calculation is simple and dependable.



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