TOP-LINE  is Marcin Dekor’s latest offer.
It is not only a traditional cornice, but above all an original, multi-function window system.

  Thanks to the precisely designed components, thoughtful technical solutions, perfect compatibility with other window decoration systems and timeless design, TOP-LINEis the most functional and versatile cornice on the market.

  Balanced proportions, neutral color palette and a simple form of the curtain rod can make it either a strong accent in any interior or a discreet decorative system with an amazing functional potential.

  The technical possibilities that this innovative model of cornice gives you are virtually endless.

TOP-LINE can perform the functions of a traditional curtain rail, decorative cornice or covering surface.


It is possible to suspend additional SQL rails, MS1 or MS2 systems and a panel system.

It can be mounted to a wall or a ceiling using the universal arc joints.

It is possible to suspend additional roller shutter systems.


 TOP-LINEexamples of sets and color palette